Face Detection

Our face detection API detects the existence and location of faces in an image or video, identifies facial landmarks. 

Our face detection technology is highly reliable and accurate in detecting human faces in different applications. Detecting faces in an image has multiple applications, but combining them with other APIs provided by SmartClick (such as age estimation, face recognition, etc.), the technology has larger value and more use cases. 

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Face detection


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150 requests per minute



75,000/month + $0.00005 each other

200 requests per minute



275,000/month + $0.00002 each other

300 requests per minute

Main Function

Face Detection API localizes all the human faces in a frame and returns the coordinates of the faces. Using this API, you can find faces in an image and crop them out. With this technology, you can apply other APIs we have developed, such as face recognition, age detection, etc.

The APIs to Use with Face Detection Include:

Landmark Detection

Recognizes and locates facial features and returns the coordinates of the person’s major features with 64 points on the face.

Age Detector

Identifies the approximate age of a person using features of the face, such as eye corners, lips, and nostrils.

Emotion Detection

Determines human emotions based on facial expressions and changes in facial gestures. 

Head Pose Estimation

Calculates the coordinates of the person’s nose, mouth, eyes, and other facial features and provides the direction a person is facing.

Eye Tracking/Gaze Detection

Monitors the direction where a person is looking based on pupil and iris position. 


The input is an image.


The API returns the following: 

Probability – A probability of the detected cropped region being a face

Rectangle – A location of the detected face in the form of the top-left and bottom-right pixel coordinates of the frame

Margin Rectangle – The size of the rectangle around the detected face 

Landmarks – localize and represent salient regions of the face. Returns the following: 

  • Left_eye
  • Right_eye
  • Nose
  • Mouth_left
  • Mouth_right 

For example

       'bottom': 300.054,
       'left': 269.893,
        'right': 370.032,
        'top': 157.236},
        'x': 302.180,'y': 213.555
       'mouth_left': {
         'x': 293.318,'y': 256.050
        'mouth_right': {
          'x': 346.066, 'y': 262.858
          'nose': {
            'x': 324.159,'y': 243.560
          'right_eye': {
            'x': 348.779,'y': 220.711
  'margin_rectangle': {
       'bottom': 300, 
       'left': 270, 
       'right': 370, 
       'top': 157
  'probability': 0.999,
  'rectangle': {
     'bottom': 246.224,
     'left': 501.368,
     'right': 602.829,
     'top': 109.398},
 'landmarks': {
     'left_eye': {
       'x': 524.762,'y': 170.163
      'mouth_left': {
        'x': 531.912,'y': 212.854
     'mouth_right': {
       'x': 580.596,'y': 204.809
     'nose': {
       'x': 551.612,'y': 195.222
     'right_eye': {
       'x': 572.249,'y': 162.292
  'margin_rectangle': {
      'bottom': 246, 
      'left': 501,
      'right': 603,
      'top': 109
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