Eye Tracking and Gaze Detection

Eye gaze technology uses deep learning to perform eye tracking. More specifically, the technology analyzes eye movements and identifies a person’s focus on visual information.

Eye tracking and gaze detection technology provides valuable insights and helps understand human behavior. The technology has wide applications across different industries, including market research, entertainment, security, psychology, medical diagnoses, and treatment. For example, the technology can help marketing professionals understand a consumer’s focus and attention and track how they receive marketing messages. In psychology, eye tracking may be used to research cognitive behaviors, conduct psychological tests, etc.

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Gaze detection

How Does the Eye Tracker Work?

  1. The input for our eye tracker software is an image or a video. The AI model estimates data on eye position, point of gaze, and eye movements through the video stream.
  2. It uses image processing algorithms to interpret the data and provide information about where people look, what they are paying attention to, how long they are looking at something, where their gaze is paused, and a number of other points.

Main Function

The Gaze Detection API is used to monitor a direction where a user is looking.

Use our Gaze Detection API to:

  • Analyze drivers’ attention to the road
  • Analyze how much a customer pays attention to a product in a supermarket
  • Check whether students are looking at the screen during an exam in COVID time
  • Etc.

The input is an image. 


The model returns coordinates of each eye of the person indicating where a person is looking: right, left, center. It also returns a value showing if the person is blinking.

For example


        "left_eye": {
            "x": 376,
            "y": 341

        "right_eye": {
            "x": 246,
            "y": 344
        "looking_left": false,
        "looking_right": true,
        "looking_center": false,
        "blinking": false


Benefits of Eye Tracker

Easy To Use

Our eye tracking and gaze detection technology works in a very simple way and can be integrated into a large variety of applications. You can easily connect and test it with an API.

Customizable Software

We create personalized software solutions to help solve various business challenges. Our software can be easily customized to serve business-specific functions and requirements.

Diverse Use Cases

There are numerous real-world applications of eye tracking technology. The technology can be used to make advancements in retail, market research, neuromarketing, cognitive science, medical diagnosis and treatment, and many other fields.

Use Cases

Understanding Human Behavior

Analyzing eye activity allows us to understand how people process visual information and what really catches their focus and attention. These insights can help study the different factors affecting people’s choices and behaviors.

Creating New User Experiences

With eye tracking technology, it is possible to create new user experiences combining existing controls such as a touchpad, keyboard, and voice. Eye tracking makes it possible to explore more innovative and intuitive interfaces for conventional consumer devices.

Enabling Contactless Interaction

Eye tracking and gaze detection technology enables hands-free interaction with computers, mobile phones, and other devices. Eye tracking solutions allow for touchless communication with a computer without any physical contact and using only gestures.


Rate Limit


$0.00 /mo


100 requests per minute



75,000/month + $0.002 each other

150 requests per minute


$49.99 /mo

275,000/month + $0.0001 each other

250 requests per minute

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