Mask Detection

Mask wearing has been recommended as a personal protective measure to combat the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. Our mask detection system instantly identifies if a person’s face is covered up and can be effectively used in public areas where wearing a mask is mandatory.

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Mask Detection

How Does Mask Detection Work?

The mask detection model recognizes all faces in an image/video and classifies them as covered up or not. The model returns a value to assess if the person’s face is uncovered or if the person is wearing a mask.


The input is an image. 


Output is a list of dictionaries, including the coordinates of all the faces and the detection probabilities. The location of the identified face is in the form of the top-left and bottom-right pixel coordinates of the frame. The value in the related face dictionary indicates whether the individual is masked or not and gives the detection probability.

Technologies Used in SmartClick’s Mask Detection API

Pytorch logo

Code example

  "Probability": 0.9934917092323303,

Why Work with SmartClick?


Our software is highly scalable and enables enterprises to expand their functionality according to changing business demands.

Custom-Made Solutions

We develop tailored solutions for our customers to meet unique business challenges and improve overall efficiency by streamlining processes.

Data Security

We are ISO certified and ensure the privacy and security of all the analyzed data. We store the data securely without attaching any identification to an image of a person.

Face Mask Detection Use Cases


Our face mask detector may effectively be used at airports to identify travelers without a mask and issue automatic alerts in such cases. The system can monitor entrance flows and mask-wearing at airport screening checkpoints, ensuring that all passengers comply with safety rules.


The use of face masks in hospitals and healthcare facilities has become increasingly important, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Our mask detection technology performs automatic face mask detection helping healthcare institutions to safeguard the safety of their staff, patients, and visitors.

Public Transport

Wearing face masks in public transport can significantly reduce the spread of respiratory diseases. Our AI-based mask detection system is an effective solution to manage compliance with health safety measures. The model identifies if passengers wear face masks in public transport and automates the checking process.


Face mask detection solutions may be used in office buildings to monitor the use of masks. By detecting employees not wearing masks, the system will send reminders encouraging them to maintain health and safety standards at work.


Rate Limit



1,000/month Hard Limit

40 requests per minute



10,000/month + $0.001 each other

80 requests per minute



100,000/month + $0.0008 each other

140 requests per minute


Yes, you can get started with our free plan on RapidAPI. Start your free trial here.

Yes, face mask detection provides analysis that is completely anonymous: no personal data about the user is received or stored as the system scans face masks only.

We are ISO certified, ensuring that all the data is stored securely. We are flexible in storing the information on the cloud or on-premise according to customer requests. In any case, no identity is attached to the image of a person.

Yes, the speed of the model is real-time, allowing to detect and recognize face masks instantly.

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