Solutions Across Industries

SmartClick helps you identify the most profitable areas & channels for your business. We are bringing value to your audience & enriching the user experience with tailor-made machine learning solutions across industries.

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Solutions Across Industries

Solutions Across Industries

SmartClick uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to create universal technologies aimed at solving different challenges:

Churn rate prediction

We can predict the rate and analyze the reasons in case of a high level of customer churn. Churn rate is the customer turnover rate, how often the customers leave. There can be an underlying reason for the churn, which can be found in the customer data itself. There are techniques, such as clustering, that will give us insights about the types of customers that stop using the products. This can give further insights into how these customers’ needs can be accommodated better.

Identification with face recognition

AI face recognition models can help in identification since you can have a database of people’s faces that are not allowed to a premise and thus automatically restrict their access. Another example can be restricted areas for employees, such as a bank safe or a server room, where only certain people are allowed in. AI will be much faster in recognizing these humans.

Tabular data analysis

Repetitive tasks done by your employees that make decisions or predictions based solely on tabular data can possibly be replaced with AI. AI works at incredible speed and can read thousands of rows in seconds. The employee can quickly review the task done by AI and have time for other tasks.

Quality control

Image processing can help companies in quality control. For cases of producing products, the production stages can be checked by an AI model, following through cameras and catching in early stages if a product has a visible defect.

Automated decision making

Automated decision making based on tabular data, such as predicting the price of the stock based on analysis of the stock market.

Recommendation systems

Building recommendation systems for your clients. For cases of selling products or services, you can recommend additional things to your clients they will be interested in.

Industries of Application


We provide complete AI solutions for finance aimed to improve operational performance through automated processes. Integrating our AI services in finance may help collect and manage extensive data flows and produce real-time business reporting. Our AI algorithms may efficiently be used to distinguish fraud automatically and enhance security, deliver more personalized customer service as well as get more valuable insights through predictive analytics.


SmartClick offers innovative AI tools for financial institutions to ensure better banking experience. Our automated solutions ensure fast and highly effective financial transactions, analysis of high volumes of data for financial forecasting, mobile banking applications with improved customer recommendations, along with cognitive-based solutions to offer customized advice and suggestions to customers.


Our AI retail solutions come with the potential to help retailers understand consumer preferences and make smarter choices in designing their products and marketing campaigns. We provide state-of-the-art algorithms that are capable of understanding buying strategies, forecasting demand for each product, and identifying personalized customer needs. Our AI solutions serve to improve operational performance as well as increase digital retail security through the detection of frauds.


We employ the power of AI technology to help solve many challenges in the healthcare industry. Automation of healthcare ensures increased diagnostics accuracy, highly advanced patient data analytics, and data security solutions to prevent medical fraud and patient data breach. AI can also simplify data management and improve the overall clinical workflow.

City Planning

The innovative solutions we develop have proved to be valuable in smart city planning. Our advanced technology may successfully be applied to make cities more convenient and sustainable by solving complex issues related to traffic management, city transport, street lighting, public safety, and other aspects.


We provide industry-leading AI services for the telecommunication industry. Our solutions are aimed at improving customer service by using virtual assistants and chatbots, as well as automating business processes through robotic process automation. AI in telecom is essential for helping automatically optimize network quality based on current needs, while AI-driven predictive analytics extracts data-driven insights to be used for faster and better business decisions.


There are many benefits of AI that make it especially useful for the travel industry. AI technology can greatly assist in enhancing the customer experience with personalized travel recommendations, guarantee fast responses to customer questions with the help of AI-based travel assistants, and manage travel disruptions using predictive technologies.


The use of Artificial Intelligence brings innovation in the field of transportation. The integration of AI may be helpful to ensure safety for all road users through transportation analytics, offer smarter route planning based on real-time data, and provide traffic prediction to adjust routes just on the go.


AI has the potential to advance public sector organizations in many ways. The deployment of AI helps predict and prevent improper payments and tax fraud, improve public safety and healthcare, optimize traffic conditions, enhance agricultural outcomes, and natural resources management.