About SmartClick

As a company, SmartClick was established in 2018 by Rem Darbinyan and Vahan Margaryan, aiming to help companies solve different challenges by finding the best technical solutions for them.

With this mission in mind, we build and leverage AI-powered products of any complexity creating real and measurable results to help companies grow and stay ahead of the competition in this fast-changing world.

Company Life

SmartClick is more than a workplace. We are a community of smart and bright individuals united by a technological vision, commitment to excellence, and our dedication to each other.Our culture is what brings us together and what inspires others to join us.

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Smart Galaxy

Our Smart Galaxy is truly an awesome place to work, and it’s here where all the great people come together to embody the mission of our company


Nepturing is a planet where the smartest data scientists create the most innovative and futuristic solutions. They research a lot and work unbelievably hard, but they never forget to have an even amount of fun. Nepturing is the happiest planet, thanks to intellectual games.


The planet of logic and analytical thinking is called CodeSpace. The most knowledgeable developers gather on this planet to write clean and clever codes and make projects successful in the long run. These guys never sit still and always push themselves forward, thus becoming much smarter specialists.


There’s no better planet than Otherland, where people constantly work on marketing and design. They brainstorm, conceptualize, make drafts, create the most engaging content, and build a unique bridge between the company and the consumer. Life is so creative and colorful on Otherland.