What is the Purpose of an Employee Handbook?

Every employee joins your team with their unique background, experience, and ideas about how to communicate at work. So to make sure that every new team member is comfortable in their work environment, you can think of a simple and fun onboarding to make their first day the best it can be.

An employee handbook is a unique way to make the onboarding experience for new employees more enjoyable. It may be used to successfully integrate new team members into the company and help them feel at home. These manuals are a great tool to best introduce the company’s mission, vision, and perks to inspire and motivate newcomers.

What is the Purpose of an Employee Handbook?
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Why an Employee Handbook Matters?

  • An employee manual serves to generally represent the company, its values, and culture, containing answers to almost all the questions a new team member may have, everything from the dress code to employee benefits.

  • It’s a very useful guide for employees to understand what is expected from them, what they need to do for moving forward, and where they can go for help.

  • Employee handbooks are useful to guide the new employees throughout their journey with the company communicating all the information they need to stay organized and on the same page.

  • A handbook is a great tool to convey the importance of new team members for your company, outlining all the awesome perks and benefits packages they can enjoy, such as vacations, health insurance, sick days, and many more.

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What are Some Good Employee Handbook Examples?

Every employee handbook is unique and reflects the values of the company it represents. Here is our pick of some of the coolest handbook examples:


Method to move your desk

Valve’s handbook is definitely worth the attention because of its unique design, “Flatland” structure & humorous illustrations that make the handbook interesting to read &  look at.

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Zappos Handbook

Zappos is famous for its most creative employee manual that was presented mostly as a comic through a short story about a grandmother who explains the policy to her grandson.

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Humble. Self-aware and respectful.

Hubspot managed to create a handbook that definitely stands out. It’s beautifully designed, colorful and is presented in the form of a slideshow that readers can find very entertaining.

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Netflix has used a traditional PowerPoint format to share the company’s culture and values using a direct and simple style of writing, coupled with playful humor to make it an enjoyable read.

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What Inspired Us While Creating Our Handbook?

When we started thinking about creating our employee handbook, we wanted to make it something that’s easy to read, creative, and entertaining. So we made a colorful manual to welcome all the newcomers to our Smart Galaxy, where its proud citizen Smartah greets them and tells about the Galaxy, the best workplace on earth. Here the most colorful and smart planets come together to achieve big goals. Nepturing is the universe where our data scientists gather and analyze large sets of data to bring out the best solutions. At CodeSpace our most intelligent developers know how to code and create the cleverest algorithms to build competitive products. Otherland is our most creative planet where people constantly brainstorm and turn even the most unrealistic ideas into awesome solutions.

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Purpose of an Employee Handbook
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