The idea behind the SmartGift initiative was to create a charity project to support kids in need and make their wishes come true just in time for the holidays, the most exciting time of the year when children most need to be warmed and inspired with thoughts of New Year presents and joyful celebrations.

SmartGift’s charity project was committed to delivering love and care in the form of personally selected New Year gifts by all the good-willed people who joined the project to help grant the wishes of less fortunate children.

The project was made possible due to the ongoing support by our partners, including Lucky Carrot thanks to whom virtual lucky carrots were donated for additional support and extra gifts, GG that joined us to ensure safe and reliable transportation of kids for the gift-giving event, and Mergelyan Cluster who assisted us to organize the event in their space. SmartGift would not have happened without the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA, who helped us find the needy kids through Ajapnyak and Nubarashen child social care centers. 

Wish letters were collected from all these kids and placed on our website smartgift. am where people could select a wish and grant the wishes of children. Initially, the number of letters sent by kids was to be about 50-70. Still, from the very first day, all wishes placed on the website were actively selected, and due to numerous inquiries by people who had not managed to choose a letter, more wish letters were added. As a result, wishes of about 100 kids have been fulfilled throughout SmartGift project.

All these charitable gifts helped make the New Year brighter and more special for these kids, letting them believe in the magic of Santa Claus and spreading a feeling of delight and holiday cheer. In addition to fulfilling wishes from the kids’ wish list, additional surprise presents were also sent from different individuals and companies, bringing even more joy and excitement to them with all these beautiful gifts!

We plan to expand the SmartGift project and continue our efforts in reaching out to more needy kids in the future.

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