Covid19 SmartChecker

SmartClick has launched COVID-19 pneumonia recognition Github repository, datasets, and Docker container. The automated technology aims to help doctors and health workers save valuable time and resources in identifying coronavirus symptoms.

Covid19 SmartChecker uses Artificial Intelligence to view X-ray images of the chest of a patient and gives a probability of several diagnoses, including atelectasis, cardiomegaly, effusion, infiltration, mass, nodule, pneumonia (including COVID19), pneumothorax, consolidation, edema, emphysema, fibrosis, pleural thickening, hernia, and healthy lungs. The automated analysis system aims to speed up the diagnosis made by doctors and point out X-ray images that need to be double-checked. This tool is not to be used as a stand-alone diagnostic model.

The system has been improved throughout its release to provide even higher accuracy than before to support healthcare providers with tracing the possible disease more quickly and efficiently.

To clone the model from GitHub, open the link below.

Covid19 SmartChecker
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