Artificial Intelligence has been moving forward globally, with more and more countries increasingly focusing on and gaining an edge on the development of Smart Technologies. The industry is constantly innovating due to the presence of some major industry leaders with a strong position in the market.

Armenia has a long history of excellence in science and mathematics and has achieved impressive results despite being a small country with landlocked geographical limitations. Armenian Intelligence has been one of its strongest assets, leading Armenia into a country that has given birth to world-renowned chess champions, scientists, and inventors of famous technological innovations.

All these previous achievements and the ongoing, dynamic development of IT, software development, and high-tech have raised even more international interest in engaging with Armenia as an important technology center in the world. With all kinds of advanced technologies being made here and the industry continuing to grow, Artificial Intelligence is still among those industries that need to be brought to the forefront of development.

Interest in Artificial Intelligence in Armenia is currently on the rise due to fast-growing startups and companies that embrace the technology to expand into new markets. Home-grown talents and growing investments into AI-specific technologies mark the country’s high potential to make a valuable impact on the global Artificial Intelligence industry and compete with the leaders in the field.

One of the most successful companies in the development of AI technology in Armenia is SmartClick. The company is committed to creating Artificial Intelligence that learns from creative Armenian mind and skillset in this way turning into Armenian Intelligence. SmartClick has been growing due to its innovativeness, becoming the first company in Armenia to introduce the first food detection system, then enlarging to develop and successfully implement the first facial recognition technology and later evolving to make the first steps towards creating SmartCity technology, to name a few of our successful projects.

SmartClick has become one of the most dynamic trends in the Armenian AI industry. We’ve been supporting and guiding Armenian AI startups throughout their journey to build, grow their businesses, and enabling opportunities for them to advance and contribute to promoting Armenian Intelligence to the next level both in Armenia and worldwide.

Armenian Intelligence empowering the world.