AI in Social Media

AI and internet
When thinking about AI applications, people usually consider industries like space and science technology, and robotics. However, nowadays, AI tools are employed in more areas of our everyday life. For instance, social media platforms utilize Artificial Intelligence in several ways. The most popular features of apps like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and others have embedded AI. The first such feature that comes to mind is recommendations. For the last several years, social media sites have created the habit of “predicting” our preferences. In this article, we will discuss notable AI applications in social media.
AI in Social Media
The facial detection technology has been around for a few years, but this new fun social media app found a new application for it. First, Snapchat uses face detection to track facial features. After, a domain of computer vision called image processing is used to overlay their augmented reality filters that will move with your face. The filters can change the size of your facial features, change eye color, add makeup and accessories, and show a reaction when you open your mouth or raise your eyebrows. A more recent application is the Voice Scan feature powered by SoundHound Inc. platform. Now users can apply filters by requesting verbally.
AI and SMM
Facebook has created deep learning tools called DeepText and DeepFace. The first one analyzes textual data, while the second one is used for image recognition. Thanks to DeepFace, the social media platform recognizes people in group photos. Facebook also uses its data for target advertising. Their algorithms assess user insights, such as engagement and search preferences. In this way, Facebook enables companies to advertise their products to targeted audiences with specific preferences. These algorithms also learn user preferences to show the content they’d be most interested to see in their feeds.
AI and Social Media
As Facebook has owned Instagram since 2012, it uses the same tools for showing posts to its users and target advertising. Instagram also uses machine learning to help prevent cyberbullying and offensive comments. DeepText, a machine learning tool, learned to remove offensive posts, comments, and users. 
Google Meet 
As amid the recent global developments people shifted to working from home, the meetings were also conducted via Zoom, Google Meet, and similar services. The communication service developed by Google has a new AI feature that cancels background noise and sounds of pets and crying babies. 
AI and Pinterest
This social media platform is used for image and video sharing. Their AI Lab has developed Pinterest Lens, a computer vision technology that enables users to get recommendations by capturing real objects with their phone cameras. In addition to this feature, Pinterest added a Shop tab, so people can now take a photo of an object and find a similar product to purchase. 
The Chinese video-sharing app has gained growing popularity due to providing everyone the opportunity to create a 15-second entertaining video. ByteDance, the AI company that owns the app, has an AI Lab that developed a complex machine learning system that can effectively detect human body parts on videos. The system allows users to add special visual effects and weather stamps to their videos. 
As you can observe, Artificial Intelligence has substantially changed our social media experience. From textual assessment to visual effects and filters, the industry is continuing to offer more and more creative features that users and advertisers seem to love.
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