Logo Detection

Our logo detection technology finds all the logos in an image and returns their locations. For cases where the use of logos are restricted, this technology can help you easily identify if there are logos in image or video. Coupled with our logo recognition technology, the API can have a larger use case. Our logo recognition dataset includes a vast library of existing brand logo images and detects popular brand logos in images, videos, and GIFs. With our logo recognition software, brands can check how often their logos are displayed on social media platforms and elsewhere online and how they appear. For example, if you have a banner ad promoting your company at an event, you can use the logo detection system to check how often your logo is displayed on TV while the event is being broadcasted. That way, you can assess the amount of coverage, figure out the reach and get the analytics you need to determine the real value of your advertising strategy.

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Logo detection

Main Function

Logo detection technology identifies logos in images & video. 

The API takes an image as an input and outputs the coordinates of the logo.


The input is an image.


The API returns the coordinates of the logo.

For example

    "bboxes": [
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