Logo Detection

Our logo detection engine finds all the logos in an image and returns their locations. For cases where the use of logos is restricted, this technology can help you easily identify logos from images or videos. Coupled with our logo recognition technology, the API can have a larger use case. Our logo recognition dataset includes a vast library of existing brand logo images and detects popular brand logos in images, videos, and GIFs. With our logo recognition software, brands can check how often their logos are displayed on social media platforms and elsewhere online and how they appear. For example, if you have a banner ad promoting your company at an event, you can use the logo detection system to check how often your logo is displayed on TV while the event is being broadcasted. That way, you can assess the amount of coverage, figure out the reach and get the analytics you need to determine the real value of your advertising strategy.

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Logo detection

Main Function of the Logo Recognition Technology

Logo detection technology identifies logos in images & video. 

The API takes an image as an input and outputs the coordinates of the logo.


The input is an image.


The API returns the coordinates of the logo.

How Does Logo or Brand Detection Work?

The logo detection technology works automatically and detects any part of the image that looks like a logo. For our logo recognition technology, 3-5 images of the logo are necessary. By uploading the sample images into our database, we can, from that point on, detect and recognize the added logo. To access our logo recognition technology, check the AI consultation page.

For example

    "bboxes": [


Rate Limit




150 requests per minute



50,000/month + $0.001 each other

200 requests per minute



500,000/month + $0.002 each other

300 requests per minute

Why Work with SmartClick?

Experienced Team

Our team of experts has extensive experience and strong expertise in developing artificial intelligence technologies for a broad range of domains and applications.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that the business environment is very dynamic, and to help businesses scale, we offer solutions that we can easily customize to each company’s specific needs, challenges and resources.

Improved Efficiency

Our AI-powered APIs work fast, accurately, and at scale to increase the overall efficiency of operational processes, enhance business productivity and help achieve the best results at lower costs.

Technologies We Use To Build this API



We have developed the logo image detection API using our computer vision technology and large datasets of images and videos of various logos. Our AI can detect and recognize logos in any scene within any image or video. Our unique AI technology works with as few as 3-5 examples of a new logo to detect and recognize with high accuracy. It detects all the logos existing in the image/video then compares the detected logos to a large database of logos to find exact and similar matches. If there is a need to detect a new logo, all that is required is to provide 3-5 samples of the logo to be added to the database. Our logo detector continuously improves and gets better over time by learning from historical data.

We offer three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Ultra.

  • Basic plan is free and includes 1000 requests monthly with a rate limit of 20 requests per hour.
  • Pro plan costs $22.99 monthly and includes 50,000 requests per month (+ $0.001 for each additional request) with a rate limit of 10 requests per minute.
  • Ultra plan costs $85.99 monthly and includes 500,000 requests per month (+ $0.0002 for each additional request) with a rate limit of 20 requests per minute.

We put no specific upper and lower limit on processing volume. Custom solutions are possible, depending on where the technology is installed, requirements for speed, and for which use case. Depending on these factors, we are committed to offering rather flexible solutions for business-specific cases and applications.

One of the advantages of our logo detection technology is that we require no time for retraining the model. With just a sample of 3-5 images of the logo uploaded to our database, the model is ready and can recognize logos without any additional steps.

We provide full pre-sales and post-sales support services to our end customers. Our pre-sales support team is ready to provide fast answers to queries about products and lead customers through the sales process. Our experienced post-sales team of engineers and technicians is on hand to assist with any technical inquiries.

Our logo image dataset for logo recognition currently contains 200+ real-world brand logo categories. We are constantly updating the existing data and adding new data to enable a more large-scale logo detection in images, videos, and GIFs.

Brand Reputation Protection

Logo detection online comes in handy for digital brand reputation monitoring. With logo detection technology, companies can instantly identify any mentions of their brand and analyze any image and video content with their logo across various channels. This way, logo detection makes it easy for brands to identify any content that can harm brand reputation and take actions to protect the brand from any negative associations.

Social Media Monitoring

Using logo detection, companies can easily track brand presence across social media and find social media posts with their logo mentions. Monitoring brand mentions across social media platforms provides objective insights into the brand audience and a better understanding of how social media users engage with the brand.

Counterfeit Detection

Logo detection technology allows brands to identify visual counterfeit products and unauthorized use of branding. By analyzing the logo on the product, it is possible to instantly verify the authenticity of a product and fight against logo piracy.

Sponsorship Monitoring

Logo detectors help analyze logo exposure during sponsorship events. For example, brands that partner as sponsors for an event can track the time and number of logo appearances during a live event and get real-time insights like logo visibility, specific placements, positioning, time on screen, etc. By measuring the impressions from images and videos alike, brands will be able to calculate the value of their sponsored ads and maximize the deals that provide the best returns.

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