Helmet Detection

Wearing a safety helmet is very important to ensure the safety of workers on the construction site. Our computer-vision-based technology automatically inspects the workplace and detects helmets in real time. 

The helmet detection model consists of a training set of helmet images, a validation set, and the test set that holds actual construction sites. The experiment results show that the given AI model has achieved rather good performance. It can identify safety helmets with high accuracy and speed, sending in-time reminders in case of failure of wearing a safety helmet for construction workers.

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helmet detection

Main Function

Helmet Detection API detects whether a person is wearing a safety helmet or not.

This is especially useful on construction sites, where everyone is supposed to be wearing a helmet for protection. Thus, integrating this technology will decrease the risks of accidents on construction sites.


The input is an image. 


The API returns the following:
Value – Indicates that it has detected a helmet. Returns:

  • helmet
  • no helmet

Probability – The confidence level of the detection model
Rectangle – The coordinates of the helmet or person not wearing a helmet in the image

For example

        "probability": 0.995,
        "value": "helmet",
        "rectangle": [
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