Helmet Detection

Wearing a safety helmet

Micromobility Safety

Micromobility safety is becoming a growing concern as more and more people switch from driving a car to riding shared scooters, bikes, motorcycles, and other forms of micromobility.
Wearing a safety helmet is one of the most important factors to ensure the safety of riders. Our helmet detection technology reduces the concerns associated with micromobility safety. The system detects helmet wearing by scooter, motorcycle, and bike riders to decrease the probability of head injuries and increase safety for riders.

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Construction Safety

Construction is among the riskiest industries to work in, most exposed to workplace accidents with some of the highest fatality rates. Wearing a protective helmet on a construction site is crucial for the safety of construction workers. With our computer-vision-based helmet detection technology, it’s possible to automatically detect the use of construction helmets and identify if the worker wears the helmet or not. The system aims to enhance construction safety, maintain safe working conditions and reduce the occurrence of production-related incidents.

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How Does Helmet Identification API Work?

Our helmet detection system detects each helmet in an image and localizes it with a bounding box. Helmet Detection system detects whether a person is wearing a safety helmet or not.
The helmet detection model is based on deep learning algorithms. The experiment results show that the given AI model has achieved rather good performance. It can identify safety helmets with high accuracy and speed, sending in-time reminders in case of failure of wearing a safety helmet for construction workers.
A very important application of the technology is the detection of helmetless scooter, bike, and motorcycle riders to protect riders from head injuries in case of an accident. The system is based on a mobile app where riders take a helmet selfie, send the photo via the app to get access to shared scooters/bikes/motorcycles.
Our helmet detection technology may also be effectively used on construction sites, where everyone is supposed to be wearing a helmet for protection. Thus, integrating this technology will decrease the risks of accidents on construction sites.


The input is an image. 


The API returns the following:
Value – Indicates that it has detected a helmet. Returns:

  • helmet
  • no helmet

Probability – The confidence level of the detection model
Rectangle – The coordinates of the helmet or person not wearing a helmet in the image

For example

        "probability": 0.995,
        "value": "helmet",
        "rectangle": [

How To Use the Safety Helmet Detection API?

Helmet Detection on Motorcycle, Scooter, and Bike Riders

Wearing a helmet is essential to keep riders safe while riding a bike, scooter or motorcycle. Our technology enables bike helmet detection, as well as identifies scooter and motorcycle riders without a helmet in real time, helping to reduce the risk of head injuries in the event of possible crashes.

Manufacturing Sites

It is very important to monitor safety helmet wearing on manufacturing sites. Through our helmet detection model, it is possible to limit health and safety violations, improve labor discipline and decrease the occurrence of industrial accidents.

Construction Sites

Another useful application of helmet detection API technology is ensuring safety on construction sites. Our real-time helmet detection model automatically checks security helmet wearing to protect construction workers from possible hazards and increases compliance with regulations reducing the volume of insurance claims, court orders, and fines.

Logistic Complexes

The helmet detection system can also monitor the workers within logistic complexes where there is a risk of potential hazards associated with falling objects and heavy loads. The technology ensures that all workers wear safety helmets and enables automation of safety measure checkups in logistic complexes saving a lot of time, effort, and costs.


Helmet detection technology may effectively be used in warehouses in cases where there is a possible danger of head injuries from any flying objects. Automatic helmet detection immediately identifies people without helmets and maximizes workplace safety within all warehouse areas.

Why Use SmartClick’s Helmet Detector Model?

We have a unique dataset of construction and riding helmets increasing the accuracy of our helmet detection system. The model is able to detect if a person is wearing a helmet even if the person’s face isn’t entirely visible (such as wearing a mask).

Highly Skilled Team

We have a team of first-class professionals who combine strong domain knowledge and technical expertise to create AI technologies that solve real-life customer problems.

All Helmet Types Supported

All helmets that comply with ANSI Z89.1 and all colors are supported.

Added Value for Your Business

Our APIs come with high performance, scalability, and low pricing to help grow your business and achieve maximum efficiency.

Quick and Easy Third-Party Integration

Our versatile software allows fast and secure integration of our APIs to a wide range of applications with minimum effort.

Custom Solutions

We build custom solutions per request, and we can customize the product with ease since we have the in-house technology. So we tailor our solutions to reflect the unique challenges of any business and offer great flexibility to meet individual requirements.

Advanced Helmet Locator

The advanced helmet locator identifies the exact location of the helmet, for example, if it is not on a person’s head but rather in their hand.

Technology Behind Our Helmet Wearing Detection API

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