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1. Which of these statements is true? (correct answer: a)
2. What is the best way to use ensemble models? (correct answer: b)
3. Which of these is not a good way to handle imbalanced data? (correct answer: a)
4. Which of these is not a way to handle overfitting? (correct answer: d)
5. How do you select important features in your data set? (correct answer: c)
6. Which of these is not the type of bias that occurs in machine learning? (correct answer: d)
7. Which code works fastest for getting a python list of squared numbers till 1 mil? (correct answer: d)
8. Which of these is not a metric of a linear regression? (correct answer: c)
9. What does this statement entail "Convolutional layers in a neural network are translational invariant"? (correct answer: d)
10. How would you train a neural network on 20GB dataset with a 3 GB of RAM? (correct answer: b)
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