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If you’re in the advertising or affiliate marketing business, knowing your customer is everything. SmartClick helps you identify the most profitable areas and online marketing channels for your business while bringing value to your audience and enriching the user experience with tailor-made marketing strategies.

The Artificial Intelligence Programmed to Bring You Profit!

With SmartClick for Advertising, You Will:

Drive more traffic and increase conversions by showing people what they want, when they want it. Our Artificial Intelligence tool makes smart predictions that will make your customers feel like you’re reading their minds (which you actually would be).

Learn your audience’ behavioral patterns, analyze their past actions and tailor advertising campaigns specifically for them – a feat that’s invaluable in marketing.

Save time and money by knowing where to spend your advertising budget and which people to target in any of the hundreds of marketing channels we support.


The travel industry is nothing without dynamic messaging and instant answers to questions. Reaching uncertain travelers is becoming easier with SmartClick, because tailoring your marketing efforts toward their wants and needs brings their entire focus to your brand.

The Artificial Intelligence Programmed to Bring You Profit!

With SmartClick for Travel, You Will:

Drive more conversions by tailoring your marketing efforts to travelers who need you as much as you need them. Use the Machine Learning feature of our software to offer the best price, time and destination and reach your client in the right, purchase-defining moments.

Learn from your customers’ habits and gain insights into a crowded market where making a lasting impression is as difficult as it could get.

ave time and money by using Machine Learning to simplify the decision making process. Our result-driven Artificial Intelligence technology never stops studying customer behavior and will consider even the slightest changes that could mean more or less sales.

eCommerce and CPG

E-commerce businesses often sell through multiple online marketing channels and managing a lot of cross-platform data can be difficult. It isn’t with SmartClick. Our software helps you identify your buyer’s behavior and put this data to work by launching laser-targeted ads.

The Artificial Intelligence Programmed to Bring You Profit!

With SmartClick for E-commerce, You Will:

Drive more conversions and build trust by showing people only things they want to see and buy.

Discover risks and opportunities along your customers’ buyer journey, and avoid marketing mistakes that could cost you without you even realizing it.

Personalize communication with your audience and segment them by interests or by the specific goals you’re trying to achieve.

Save time and money by having the prediction and decision making process be guided by a result-driven Artificial Intelligence that never stops studying customer behavior.