The Company

SmartClick’s team has a great experience in marketing and software development that allows us to build Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems and programs deep-rooted in understanding market dynamics. Our essence lies in driving results – it’s literally what SmartClick is programmed to do. Over the past decade, over 85% of clients who have used SmartClick for over a year report seeing a 150% increase in average revenue.

Our Philosophy – We Create Strong Market Positions

Custom Approach

We know every client has different needs – that’s why every plan we execute is 100% custom and tailor-made for you.


Our service comes with completely transparent pricing. You’ll receive a detailed budget so you know exactly where your money goes at all times.


Long-Term Relationships

Our clients usually work with us for years. Average tenure is a testament to the fact that SmartClick is focused on delivering long-term results.


We want our clients to know what we’re doing at all times, that’s why we send out extremely detailed, monthly reports. This doesn’t include real-time reporting from SmartClick.


We love talking and brainstorming with our clients. Contact us today and we can discuss your future project and give you some pointers for making your business the success you deserve — completely free.


We make sure our clients are just as happy as our employees.


We’re one of the most well-connected agencies in the business – with highly trained employees and access to Google and Facebook representatives, we make sure we’re always one step ahead of the competition by keeping up to date with the latest trends, updates and changes in marketing channel algorithms.